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How To Choose A High Quality Tray Packaging Machine?

Jan. 17, 2020

Among many packaging machines, the tray packaging machine is more and more widely used, and it is quickly recognized by the majority of enterprises. How can I buy a high quality tray packaging machine? Today, the Robot Pallet Wrapping Machine supplier will give you an analysis of several issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing pallet packaging machines, and I hope to help everyone.

1. Configuration and material selection.

The electrical configuration and motor of a pallet packaging machine are very important. Try to use the mainstream brands on the market, such as Siemens, Yonghong, etc. These brands are more common in the market with reliable and stable performance. The tray packaging machine chassis should be as thick as possible. In order to save material costs, some manufacturers will reduce the thickness of the steel plate and reduce the diameter, which will cause all four corners of the tray to be exposed, which may cause accidents.

The standard Pallet Packaging Machine chassis is made of steel plate with a thickness of 10mm and a diameter of 1650mm as much as possible. It is reliable and durable. Below this thickness, it will deform. The electrical control should be controlled separately by the PLC and the inverter. Some manufacturers use the integrated PLC and inverter. Any component damage needs to be replaced as a whole, and the maintenance cost is high. The film frame motor should be a DC motor, which has a gentle strength, uniform film output, and is not easy to break the film. It is also energy-saving, environmentally friendly, durable and easy to repair, which improves the performance of the equipment and reduces the frequency of subsequent repairs and maintenance costs.

The up and down movement of the membrane frame is driven by a column chain. The chain configuration is divided into two types: single chain and double chain. You must choose a double chain configuration. A single chain is likely to cause an imbalance in the membrane frame. If the chain is broken after a long time, the membrane frame may suddenly fall danger.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

2. Company reputation and after-sales service.

Choosing a good company means choosing a good product, and choosing a good company means a good after-sales service. For example, in order to further expand the market and increase brand influence, Dahong Intelligence launched 100 customer-rewarding activities for free delivery of tray packaging machines nationwide. As long as the company purchases wrapping film, it can apply for the company's free tray packaging machine And during the use of the company's wrapping film, the free tray packaging machine will always enjoy free after-sales service.

The equipment and consumables come from a single manufacturer, which makes it easier to guarantee performance and after-sales service, allowing users to use the company's products without risk, without any worries. If the equipment and consumables are not from a single manufacturer, when the user encounters problems during use, the equipment side and the consumable side will pull each other out, and no one wants to take more than one. As a result, the user is injured and the supplier loses word of mouth.

3. The program is simple and easy to understand.

Simple screen operation most of the tray packaging machines must be used in the workshop, and convenient operation is a big demand. Touchscreens are advanced, but are generally suitable for dust-free environments. If the touch screen is dirty or the operator's hands are not clean or wearing gloves, it is likely to cause the touch screen to malfunction or operate insensitively. In contrast, the text screen is more convenient to operate, easy to use, and suitable for most production packaging environments.

The above are some small suggestions from the Wrapping Machine supplier. I hope it can help everyone and choose the right packaging machine for you!

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