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How to Choose the Right Tray Packaging Machine?

Feb. 07, 2020

There are many types of pallet packaging machines. When customers choose, they will often be dazzled and confused. Today Robot Stretch Wrap Machine Supplier analyzes from the standard pallet packaging machine to let everyone know how to choose. The tray packaging machine is divided into three parts: column, film rack and turntable. Today we analyze how to properly choose the tray winding packaging machine based on these three parts.


1. Pillar section

The tray packing machine column includes control panel and electrical configuration.


2. Control Panel

The control panel is the main component that controls the operation of the entire machine. There are three types of panels: full touch screen, button type, and button plus touch screen type. The full touch screen type has advanced functions, but it is usually suitable for dust-free environments. If the touch screen is dirty or the operator's hands are not clean or wearing gloves, it is easy to cause the touch screen to malfunction or operate insensitively. The pure button type is the opposite of the touch screen type. It can be used in environments with poor cleanliness, but the disadvantages are that the automatic parameter setting of the machine is complicated and the operation is complicated. The keypad plus touch screen type combines the advantages of both, which is easy to operate and suitable for various operating environments. It is recommended that you must choose the type of machine panel carefully according to your own production environment and actual conditions.


3. Electrical configuration

The configuration of electrical appliances is a major factor affecting the price of Pallet Wrapping Machine. In addition, we must also understand that the height of the column determines the height of the machine winding the cargo.

 Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Wrapping Machine

4. The machine formwork

The film frame is the core component of the tray packaging machine. The performance of the film frame directly determines the performance of the winding machine. The core part of the film frame drives the motor, which is an important factor that determines the quality of the film frame. The function of the film holder is to pre-stretch the wound film through the rotation of various components. All these actions are driven by a motor, so the motor is equivalent to the heart of the mold holder. The pre-stretching of the wound film is achieved through the coordinated rotation of the different speeds of the various components, so the response speed of the motor is very important, and at the same time, the force is soft and the film is not easy to break. Membrane frame motors are divided into DC motors and AC motors. DC motors have the advantages of fast response, soft strength, not easy to break the film, non-heating, stability, power saving and so on. Manufacturers of winding machines with greater strength will choose DC motors.


5. Turntable drive

The turntable part is another important part of the tray packaging machine. The diameter and carrying capacity of the turntable determine the size of the goods that can be wound and the load-bearing weight. The thickness of the steel plate on the upper part of the turntable is generally divided into 8cm and 10cm. It is recommended that you choose a machine with a thickness of 10cm as much as possible, because the turntable carries goods for a long time and is in a long-term wear process. The thin thickness is easily deformed and damaged.


The lower part of the turntable needs to pay attention to the idler and sprocket. The material of the roller must be high-quality nylon. Some manufacturers use plastic or inferior nylon to reduce costs. In fact, the roller is equivalent to a car tire and is a long-term consumable. Imagine that a metal pallet can carry goods for a long time. How long can the plastic idler below last? When the machine is bought, the price is cheap, and consumables are frequently purchased in the later stage, which is not economical and affects use. The number of teeth on the market is divided into 50 teeth, 60 teeth, and 80 teeth, with diameters of 298, 298, and 412. Small gears and small diameters mean that the power shared by the idler wheels is heavier. If the quality of the idler wheels is not good, It's a vicious circle, and you need to buy new rollers all the time.


The above introduces several factors that need to be paid attention to when choosing a tray Wrapping Machine. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to clearly understand how to choose a tray packaging machine correctly and avoid detours.

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