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Operation Steps and Maintenance Points of Pallet Packing Machine

Mar. 13, 2020

Today the supplier of Wrapping Machine will give you a brief introduction to the operation steps and maintenance points of the tray packaging machine.


1. Place the packaging object in the center of the turntable of the tray packaging machine, with the film holder at the bottom of the object, and place the film on the film holder as required.

2. The film starts to rotate from the bottom of the packaging item. Click the turntable start button. As the turntable rotates, Stretch Film starts the tray packaging machine from the bottom of the packaging object.

3. According to your packaging requirements, click the up and down buttons to adjust the winding position of the wrapping film.

4. When wrapping is finished, turn off the rotary button, cut off the wrapping film, and the packing is finished.

Maintenance points

1. After working for two weeks, it is necessary to replace the new oil in time, and it must be replaced once a year thereafter.

2. Regularly adjust the tension of the film frame chain to avoid the phenomenon of turntable slippage.

3. The reducer should pay attention to immersion in oil to maintain the lubrication effect of the reducer of the tray packaging machine.

4. Regularly inspect electrical components and keep the machine clean.

Brief introduction of several major components of pallet packaging machine

1. Feeding and filling part The feeding and filling part is composed of closed chain links composed of equal-spaced pushers. During work, the machine moves the packaged items to the shaper regularly according to the packaging cycle to complete the wrapping action.

2. Film-feeding molding part Film-feeding molding part is composed of film mounting frame, conveying roller group, date printing system, and molder group. The sheet-like packaging film moves uniformly with the lower film roll 下 and the traction wheel of the host machine, and passes through the conveying roller group. Finish the fixed-point date printing, and automatically adjust the uneven tension caused by the internal stress of the packaging material when cutting the rolls. After entering the molder, it can realize the packaging of the articles.

3. Frame part The frame structure is the main body of Pallet Packaging Machine, which is a frame designed according to the specific requirements of different specifications and models of pallet packaging machines. Each part of the host is combined into a complete mechanical equipment through a frame, and it is also the support of the host's power transmission system.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

4. Power Transmission System. The power transmission system is suitable for the power and movement of the main motor of the tray packaging machine. It is a mechanical transmission system that transmits power to each executing part and moving part. It is mainly composed of pulleys, cams, sprocket pairs, gear pairs, and differential mechanism machinery. It consists of mechanical parts such as stepless speed regulation mechanism. Due to the high working speed of the seam wrapping machine and the small power to complete the packaging action, Generally, there is no reduction box in the power transmission system. The main motor usually has a DC stepless speed regulating motor and an AC variable frequency stepless speed regulating motor. Both. The power transmission system of the seam wrapping machine is more complicated and varies from machine to machine, but its motion transmission has the following commonality, that is, the main motor movement is usually divided into four movements after the belt wheel is decelerated and transmitted: the feeding filling movement; the lower Film, longitudinal sealing movement; horizontal sealing movement and finished product output movement. The setting of each motion parameter and their relationship are in accordance with the technical specifications of various types of pallet packaging machines.

5. Action execution part The action execution part of the tray packaging machine includes a vertical sealing mechanism and a horizontal sealing mechanism. This part is the core of the packaging machine. The quality of its work is the most important basis for measuring the performance and quality of the seam tray packaging machine.

The above are the operation steps and maintenance points of the tray packaging machine.

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