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Features of Automatic Pallet Packaging Machine

Mar. 06, 2020

Full-automatic tray packaging machine is a commonly used machine with Stretch Film as the packaging material. It is mainly suitable for the automatic winding packaging of trays or articles with a tray shape. Full-automatic pallet packaging machine is divided into full-automatic pallet single-pack packaging machine and full-automatic pallet online packaging machine according to different requirements. It realizes the online high-speed unattended automatic packaging process, which greatly saves manpower and improves work efficiency. The inevitable trend of packaging development is in line with the direction of China's economic structure from labor-intensive to technology-intensive development.

The following Wrapping Machine supplier introduces the main features of automatic tray packaging machine:

1. Automatic: The film is not required to be manually tied. The machine can complete the automatic film breaking and filming process after winding, which is a packaging equipment with a higher degree of automation than traditional packaging machines. Fully automatic tray packaging machine can automatically complete the setting function and can automatically sense the height of the goods. Compared with the traditional tray packaging machine, the automatic tray packaging machine can achieve full automation, a forklift worker can achieve the goods packaging without getting off the car. Full automatic pallet online packaging machine can realize unmanned packaging.

2. Reliable: The special film clamping method guarantees the reliability of the front and back stack trays when receiving. It will not cause packaging errors due to film clamping failure. The automatic resetting and automatic film loading and unloading mechanism of the turntable realizes that the same roll of film only needs to be discharged and started, and does not require a suppository film, which saves time and effort and greatly improves work efficiency.

3. Film tail welding film: The tail after packaging is gone. When transporting and entering the automatic warehouse, there will not be any additional interference caused by wrapping the packaging, and a blowing device will be installed to plug the film of the head into the film.

4. It can be installed with the function of automatic moving device: to meet the different choices of products of different specifications on the packaging line, also has a good packaging effect. We can customize drum line, chain plate line and belt line according to customer's requirements. It can also design packaging solutions according to the customer's site, greatly liberating the customer's on-site labor.

Pallet Packaging Machine

Pallet Packaging Machine

5. High efficiency: The packaging efficiency reaches more than 40 pieces / hour. The working efficiency is more than twice as fast as manual labor. Compared with manual packaging, the fully automatic Pallet Packaging Machine not only saves time and effort, but also has beautiful packaging, uniform specifications, and saves money.

There are many types of packaging machines, and each packaging machine is divided into many models. The advantage of automatic tray packaging machines over traditional tray packaging machines is that they can be fully automatic. Mechanical equipment is one price and one cargo. Pallet packing machine is expensive, but it is valuable and one machine can free at least two labors.

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