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​Benefits of Swapping Your Old Stretch Wrapper for a New One

Jan. 24, 2022

If you have actually been Googling the term "pallet stretch wrapper" lately, you might be thinking about whether it's time to ditch that old, rustic maker in the corner of the delivery dock and also make the switch to an upgrade.

Changing an old stretch wrapper with a new one - whether it's still running or otherwise - can in fact avoid you from losing money on and labor, plus they're more secure to run.

Stop wasting film costs

Pre-stretching is the procedure of stretching to improve return. This occurs when two rollers in a conveying system turn at two various speeds as well as create the film to stretch.

Most older makers shed their pre-stretch value gradually, or are not even geared up with pre-stretch rolls. The good news is, most brand-new stretch covers can pre-stretch by 100% to 300%, inevitably placing thousands of dollars back right into your budget.

Benefits of Swapping Your Old Stretch Wrapper for a New One

Stretch film with high tension force

Stop wasting labor

Operators should do a collection of about 20 taxing actions as they get on and off the forklift to finish a wrap cycle on the old maker.

The added automation eliminates the need to execute these actions by cutting the at the end of the cycle and also holding it for the next use. Operators can start the parcel cycle utilizing a lanyard button or a push-button control tool - all without leaving the forklift.

SMARTWASP automated stretch wrappers have scales developed into their turntables, which gets rid of the 30-second to 1.5-minute double handling tons of relocating them from the wrapper to a stand-alone platform range.

Minimize the danger

Old makers can place your drivers at a high threat of injury. They might have tripping threats, including subjected electric motors and turntables that are not large enough to install tons without overhang.

More recent equipments have built-in safety and security functions that older equipments do not. If the tons is moving and also the film breaks, the tons will quit as well as the operator will not intend to connect the to the relocating load.

The best method to handle these risks is to avoid them completely with the brand-new makers, which automatically laminate as well as cut on every cycle, eliminating the demand to jump on and also off the vehicle to in fact run the stretch wrapper.

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