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Wrapping Machine Control System

Feb. 27, 2019

Here is Standard Pallet Wrapper Manufacturer talking about The importance of the wrapping machine control system. 

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1. The device automatically senses, conveys and wraps the goods, and finishes the automatic filming, movie breaking and decimating operation.

2. The rotary support arrangement of the turntable is secure and reliable and can carry overweight freight.

3.Using the PLC programmable controller and touch screen control system, easy to operate, dependable performance.

Turntable Pallet Wrapping Machine

4. The digital screen man-machine interface, as stated by the winding package needs to input the corresponding work directions. The number of winding layers, the number of top turns, the number of pliers turns, along with the very best time can be set.

5.Pre-Stretch Film frame conserves stretch film by pre-stretching, pre-stretching up to 250%, pre-tensioning digital horn. The movie pressure may be adjusted at will according to the packing needs and the quality of the stretched film.

6. Equipped with a brush/rubber diaphragm mechanism, so that the Stretch Film fits perfectly on the tray.

7. Eye-catching flash safety warning and protective net (optional), photoelectric protection of incoming and outgoing goods.

8. Automatic alarm and output to the touch screen, to facilitate problem-solving.

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