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Wrapping Machine Functions

Feb. 22, 2019

Here is Robot Wrapping Machine Manufacturer talking about Standard Wrapping Machine Functions. 

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In order to satisfy with the packaging requirements of freight storage, mechanical and transportation loading and unloading operations, we design and fabricate tray kind, top-top kind, drag-type kind and pre-drawing type picture winding series products, that are frequently utilized in export, food and drink, irrigation, The meeting price of newspaper, dye, plastic substance, glass ceramics, equipment so electroforming and other goods can enhance generation efficiency, prevent damage to the merchandise during handling, and also play a part in dust, dust, and cleaning.

The slow beginning and slow prevent function are simple to be sprinkled into the floor once the freight is too high or too mild. This purpose will ensure the stability and security of the freight during operation. Even the turntable speed along with the movie frame speed could be adjusted to get infinitely variable speed.

1. Photoelectric detection function

 The photoelectric switch automatically tracks the height of the package

 2. Tension adjustment function

 Users can adjust the tension of the wrapping film according to the characteristics of the goods and their own needs, in order to achieve the most perfect packaging requirements.

 3. Local enhancements

 This can be done if multiple layers of reinforcement are required at the top, middle or bottom of the pallet load.

 4. Automatic protection function

 If the machine encounters some unreachable faults during operation, the preset protection device can play the final safety protection role.

 5. Unique pre-stretch design

 Combines the double-potential advantages of diameter difference and speed difference, the draw ratio is as high as 1:2.5

 6. Multi-functional packaging

 Plc control, a variety of packaging methods in one, according to the needs of the packaging, select the standard packaging method, single-layer packaging or strengthen the packaging method, etc.

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Robot Wrapping Machine

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